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Safety Harness Training

More and more workers are being asked to wear safety harnesses whilst at work. However few workers are properly trained and thus many are at significant risk through poorly selected and incorrectly used safety harnesses. We are able to provide essential Safety Harness basic training ensuring that anyone wearing a harness is able to do so safely and correctly. Few people understand the risks and yet selecting the wrong equipment or wearing it incorrectly can be more dangerous than not wearing one at all.

All employers must ensure that suitable safety equipment is provided to adequately protect their employees, and it is most important that the employer provides the training to ensure that it is used correctly!

For more details on the Basic Harness safety course or the IPAF Harness course for use of safety harnesses in MEWPS, please contact us for more details now.


Please contact us for pricing and availability of courses. Group discounts are normally available.